The web technology marches on with the drumming sounds of various cultures of innovation. With each beat, it makes progress and reforms the way the web is done. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that advancement is the cornerstone of the website technology. It never gets old, but renewed in the contemporary style to suit the needs. That’s the power of technology. What we see today is a total new web, something that wasn’t around yesterday, but working magic today. Here, we have mentioned the five most awesome website designing trends that speak volumes about the future.

  • Big Scrolling: It’s time to say goodbye to the tedious click-based navigation to find the requisite information, because big scrolling pages are here to charm the users. Not only do they allow dynamic interaction between the site and the users, but they also reduce the work on the viewers’ part.
  • Big backgrounds junked: The smart minds of the industry have done away with big backgrounds, and using large headers to grab the attention of the viewers. These headers are working excellently in the present day.
  • Simplicity in: This time, the computer wizards have decided to go simple, dropping all the futile concepts and baseless designing tactics. The industry is trying its best to maintain simplicity and planning minimal aesthetics in a fully-customized manner.
  • Custom photography: No stock images are used in the design of the websites, but personalised photographs are employed to excite the fascination of the audience.
  • Giant typography: Undeniably, typography greatly impacts on the usability of the websites as it gives gist to the overall aesthetics. Bolder and bigger typography not only attracts the eyeballs in a moment, but also emphasises the brand message.


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