Webmasters for small businesses often do it all, from designing the website to search engine optimization (SEO) to daily maintenance. So, you need an adept, creative multitasker whom you can trust with the keys to your website — the online gateway to your brand. Here are 10 important questions to ask potential webmasters to try to ensure you’re hiring the right one:


  1. Where can I find current and past examples of your work?
  2. May I have a list of your current and past clients?
  3. What’s your favorite website and why do you like it?
  4. Which publishing, design and content technologies would you use to build and maintain my website?
  5. How will you optimize my website for search engines?
  6. What kind of special features can you integrate into my site?
  7. What is your approach to security issues and other potential website problems?
  8. How well versed are you in copyright issues?
  9. Who will own the website?
  10. What are your fees and payment terms?



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