So, you’re on social media. You have a Twitter account, a Facebook account…and those are probably the most important and easiest ways to get your business started online. But social media is just one part of the web strategy picture.

Here are a few others you want to be sure are equally strong:

  • SEO
    Putting aside the SEO snake oil salesmen, there really are some SEO BEST practices that can make a big difference. When a person initiates a search, they want to find the most relevant links right at the top of the page. What businesses want is to be the link that shows up at the top of the page, relevant, or not.


  • Multiply Your Presence
    In real life, you can only be in one place at a time. On the web, you can be in many places all at once. You don’t have to be confined to just one website. With the right web host, you can manage as many as you like.


  • If You Don’t Exist Online, You Don’t Exist
    It is not enough to know how to enhance your web presence. You also need to know why. There are at least two generations of adults right now to which the Yellow Pages are dead. Your two-page spread is meaningless to them. They will never see it. You are trying to be visible in all the wrong places.


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