For businesses, the entire purpose of building a site is to ensure their website visitors turn into customers. You can have a visually-pleasing business website that is receiving tons of traffic, but if you are not successfully turning these visitors into customers, the dollars you spend on your marketing, design & development are totally worthless. There are a lot of aspects of web design that play an important role in whether you are successfully converting visitors into leads or not. Even the smallest detail could be the difference between your potential customers becoming paying customers for your competitors.

If you want to craft a site with high conversions, you need to keep the following components in mind:

  1. Use Responsive Layout for Larger Screen Size
  2. Optimize Website for Search Engine Spiders
  3. Offer User-Friendly and Intuitive Site Navigation
  4. Appear Trustworthy and Transparent
  5. Incorporate Social Media
  6. Design Call-to-Action Buttons That Get Clicked
  7. Easily Accessible Contact Information
  8. Incorporate Google Maps (or similar)


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